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According to two international standard ISO 8670-2:1996 and a Britain standard BS7127-PART 101:1991 for safety and operation and a license from Medical Equipment Office of Health organization and governmental hospitals and a license from the Industrial and Mines Organization of TEHRAN/IRAN

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Some general information about Colostomy

Ostomy is a surgical procedure used to create an opening for urine and feces to be released from the body. Colostomy refers to a surgical procedure where a portion of the large intestine is brought through the abdominal wall to carry stool out of the body.

Colon and its operations

Large intestine or colon is the last part of digestive system. Its length is about 1.5 m, according to the picture its entrance is placed on the right side of the body and colon is connected to ileum (lowest part of small intestine). The main parts of large intestine are:

- Ascending colon

- Transverse colon

- Descending colon

- Rectum

End portion of the colon is rectum. Special nerve pathways to the brain make us aware when the stool reaches this section. Only then is the digestive process subject to our will. As the stool enters the rectum, we feel the desire to have a bowel movement. The anal sphincter allows us to control this desire. Unlike the digestive tract, it contracts or relaxes at our will. Digested food is absorbed in small intestine and all other stuffs in a watery mixture flow to large intestine. In ascending colon water and electrolyte are absorbed and remaining things flow to descending colon. They will keep there until in a suitable time eliminate from body.


Ascending colon has a specific movement that is called peristaltic motion with peristaltic movement stool drives forward in large intestine. Eliminating stool differs from one to another and it’s habitual. It may differ 8 hours to two or three days.

Colostomy aims


Colostomy surgery is performed for many different diseases and conditions. Some colostomies are done because of malignancy (cancer). In children, they may be created because of birth defects. Colostomies can be temporary or permanent. Some colostomies appear large, others small. Some are on the left side of the abdomen, some are on the right, and some in the middle.


We could summarize colostomy aims to:

•             Free the large intestine from pressure that is due to a closed portion.

•             Making an outgoing way to eliminate stool by taking some pieces of descending colon and rectum.

•             Changing the way of eliminating stool in colon.

•             Taking care of the stitch place on descending colon.

Colostomy is really a wonderful and applausive medical surgery. A colostomy is a lifesaving surgery that lets a person enjoy a full range of activities, including traveling, sports, family life and work, even though they have a stoma and may wear a pouching system.

Types of colostomies

According to surgeon advice colostomy may occur temporarily or permanently. Colostomy has different types but two of them are more common:

1. Decompressing colostomy

Decompressing colostomies are constructed by bringing the loop of bowel to the abdominal surface and creating an opening into the anterior bowel wall. This kind of colostomy is to decrease the pressure on colon.

In another type of this kind of colostomy according to picture colon divide by two segments and its free end will remove from abdominal wall.

These people's stoma is always voluminous and inflated; because they don't have sphincter parts they don't have any control on bowel movements. These patients should always use pouches. Due to these problems this colostomy is used temporarily.

2. Diverting colostomy

This type of colostomy is the most common type of all, in this colostomy surgery end of descending colon is being cut and rectum will remove from the skin. Patients that have this type of colostomy don't need colostomy pouches; they should cover their stoma by a piece of wrap to collect surpluses. However some patients prefer to use colostomy pouches to be more certain. Some patients like most people have a bowel movement once a day and they can adjust its time. In order to adjust bowel movements some patients need an irrigation system to irrigate their colon.              

Caring for stoma


Any type of colostomy take place in operation room and in action, wall of colon is stitched to the wall of abdominal skin. This let the patient use colostomy pouches immediately after a colostomy operation. Before operation it’s better to give patient's family and friends some information and it's useful to make an arrangement between patients and other people that already have this operation.

Stoma at first is voluminous but by passing time it goes smaller and creased. One of important nurses’ jobs is measure the size of patient’s stoma to tell him what colostomy pouches suit to him/her. Stability of stoma is the sign of successful operation, so it is very important when a nurse see a sign of annihilation of stoma inform the surgeon as soon as it's possible.


 One of rarely problems that may occur is placing stoma on a bad position on patient's skin. This technical problem may lead to ruin patient’s skin and also prevent controlling gas. It would lose patient's confidence in social relations.

The place of stoma must be visible (in any position: standing, lying) by patient.

The patients should be always take care of themselves after operation and should pay attention to medical recommendations. It is important to visit a doctor after a while since if they have any problem around their stoma the doctors do whatever is necessary. Eating cereals lead to make gas and should be prevented. 

Colostomy pouches

As mentioned before colostomy patients doesn't have anal sphincter and they can't aware of desire to have a bowel movement. So they need an appliance to collect stool that is called colostomy pouch.

Colostomy pouches are in different sizes and shapes and just a few companies can make them in all over the world. A colostomy pouch mainly is made of two parts:

Stoma covers or caps / Skin barriers:

Placed and adhesive on abdomen skin, often used with two-piece ostomy appliance. Their purpose is to protect skin around the stoma from harmful discharge. Frame around the barrier keep barrier on abdomen.

Today’s pouches are lightweight and low-profile under clothing. They come in one-piece and two-piece systems, designed to provide a proper fit, as well as comfort, flexibility and security. Both types of ostomy pouching systems consist of a special adhesive skin barrier and a collection pouch. In a one-piece ostomy pouching system, the skin adhesive barrier is sealed to the pouch and the two components are applied to the skin in one step.

In a two-piece ostomy pouching system, the skin adhesive barrier/wafer has a plastic flange material attached to it, and this wafer is applied to the body first. The pouch, which also has a plastic flange material attached to it, is then connected to the flange on the wafer.

Initially, an enterostomal therapist (ET) nurse or other health care professional will select a pouching system that is optimal for the ostomate and will teach her or him how to maintain the appliances and keep the skin healthy.

A person with an ostomy may decide to try different types of pouching systems. Consulting with an ET is recommended because the choice of appropriate appliances is based on the size and location of the stoma, as well as skin anomalies, discharge type and knowledge of the ostomate’s medical and physical condition. However, it makes sense for ostomates to be knowledgeable about appliance options that can enhance her or his lifestyle or meet special needs.


Colostomy pouches situation in IRAN

We don't have an exact statistics about colostomy patients in Iran, but it is about some thousands people. Unfortunately we couldn't manufacture colostomy pouches by 1378 (hijri shamsi) and we were dependent to other countries. In addition to high price, patients couldn't get the colostomy pouches in right time. Fortunately by the effort of researchers and manufacturers at 1379 we could manufacture this product and name of Iran listed in countries that manufacture colostomy pouches. Responsibility of manufacturing colostomy pouches is by Sotorg Company in Iran. At the present time productions of this company are available in all sizes and quantity with a low price. 


Specification of Sotorg products

•             Sotorg skin barriers have a nice elasticity. This product is hydrophilic to absorb perspiration. Skin barriers in no way make skin susceptibility like irritation or blister. It is a good adhesiveness and can be easily detach from the skin. When you put it on you feel comfortable.

•             The surface of colostomy frames are made of good quality glue that don’t make any susceptibility. These frames are made with curves on it to make air for skin.

•             The cap and pouches have covers that should be removed when you want to use the appliance.

•             Sotorg colostomy pouches are proposed in two types: drainable and closed-end pouches. For the drainable pouches there are very good quality clips or clamps. These clips have a handle and body.

•             For the persons who have high activity during the day we recommend to use support belts. This product has a hook to connect to pouches.



Health care recommendation


In order to use Sotorg pouches optimistically and correctly please pay attention to some recommendation:

•             Colostomy pouches are in different size and types, before providing a colostomy pouch you should know the size of your stoma. In order to know the size, you can use the appliance that designed by Sotorg. Then you can order the right type. Notice that if you use a smaller size it may wound your stoma and if you use a larger pouch it may leak.

•             Use the colostomy pouches for 12 hours maximum.

•             While changing the pouches with a new one wash the stoma by water and soap. After washing drain carefully the place of stoma, remaining just a little soap on the skin may lead in irritation or blister.

•             Before using the new pouch make a rest to your skin. (Minimum 10 minutes)

•             Just before using pouches dehydrate your stoma. Notice that the barriers doesn’t attach to the wet skin. This will cause to penetrate the removals to harm to your skin.

•             The maximum amount of time for warehousing is 36 months. This pouches should be keep in dry and moderate weather. Storing pouches in high temperature (over 40 degree of centigrade) or very low temperature (below 0) should be prevented. Before using pouches don’t remove them from cover to keep them away from pollution.

•             before using pouches close the end by the clips if you are using drainable ones. To open it pull the handle back and over. Pay attention to the curve of clip and the curve of your abdomen both should be applicable.

•             Remove the cap of barrier.

•             Remove the paper part from the frame.

•             Put the pouch on your abdomen and apply the hole by your stoma. Make sure that the pouch is placed in a right direction.

•             Remove the remaining of paper and push the pouch toward stoma. Pay attention to don’t make wrinkle on frame.

•             If you prefer use belts.

•             To discharge the drainable pouches take the clamp and turn the pouch upward. Open the clamp. Turn the pouch downward again and discharge it in bathroom. If you want to use the pouch again connect the clamp to it


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According to two international standard ISO 8670-2:1996 and a Britain standard BS7127-PART 101:1991 for safety and operation and a license from Medical Equipment Office of Health organization and governmental hospitals and a license from the Industrial and Mines Organization of TEHRAN/IRAN


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